Thursday, October 15, 2009

A new phase of my life

It has been 2 weeks since I stepped into a new phase of my life. Have started to get used to all 'things' happening around me. Such as the loud cars, buses, lorries, motorcycles noises that passes by the bedroom's window every night. Water flushing sound in the middle of the night could have woke me up for the 1st few nights. Last but not least, the one that I choose to sleep with for the rest of my life's snoring...haha..
Atleast now I could have a better sleep, unlike the 1st few days when I got back to work. I could just start 'fishing' straight after lunch -_-.

My FIL is a great chef! Btw, he cooks delicious, mouth watering hainanese chicken rice's chilli! haha...Of course, the chicken & the rice also taste VERY GOOD lah!
SO every night I get home, I could smell food the moment I entered the house. Within 1 hr, we have a table of food enough for...I think 8 person to eat. Usually 3 big plate of dishes & 1 big pot of soup. He cook soup especially for me as the whole family don't drink soup at all. Every night I sleep with a full stomach!
I weigh myself a week ago, it was 50.7kg. This week, after standing on the weighing machine, I couldn't believe my own eyes...52.1kg! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!! I think the weighing machine is not working right that day!! Cannot be...CANNOT, something must be wrong right..
Well..I did not verify this 'error' when I reach home, don't want to find out the truth ~_~

Tonight, my laogong came home late from his Japanese language lesson which he paid a freaking "ATAS" sum for it. Only telling me after he enrolled himself to the lessons, thanks to him I was left with nothing to say coz he PAID for it liao. CANNOT BE STOP! MUST GO LIAO..if not waste $$ right..He also get ourselves a LIABILITY which I was also told after him making the decision himself la! OMGWTHBBQ!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


After a long year of preparation, this day has finally come & over with a blink of eyes -_-.

I woke up at 530a.m on 30 Sept 2009, slept at 2a.m on 30 Sept 2009. Next day, my eye bag is terrible =\. All thanks to my MUA that I could look better =D. Quite happy with her make up, even though I were to pay her in full amount when she came in the morning rather than after the evening's make up. Feel abit unsecured coz usually people paid after getting the full service. Luckily, after taking the money she still did a wonderful job & make me a beautiful bride that day! =D

Its 750am & the time has come! I heard car horns & I were to stay in my room until hubby gets his 'treats' from the jie meis..haha
Was quite nervous when I was waiting in the room. Most funny of all, I forgot about my rings. Luckily I realized that my fingers feels empty & went to get them before the sisters let him in.

Have not got the photos back from our photographer. Here's a previews of what's taken by his sister on the actual day =).

The groom has reached to fetch the bride!

HUAT AH!! Huat for the bridal car no. to open...Sadly, that day not even a single 'lucky' no. open =\

My cousin (uncle's son) to open the bridal car door. My bro can't do it as his chinese horoscope crash with my hubby's. He was so sad & said he only has 1 sister, 1 chance to open the bridal car door..NOW he has no more chance to do it =\...hahaha..

Roasted Pig!

Battled it out with my 2 jie meis aka my best friends!

Finally break through the barrier & lifted my veil..

With hubby's sis & bf..

With hubby's cousin & hubby

Ready to leave for in-law's house..

Father sent me off with a red umbrella..

Reached in-law's place..

Eating tang yuan..Don't know what laogong was thinking for having that funny face..haha

A pose for the camera man..

Buffet (Pin Si) for the relatives. Reviews from the relatives that the buffet were not bad.

We were ahead of our schedule, managed to finish the tea serving ceremony 1 hour earlier as planned at 1030am. We initially arrange for buffet to come at 12pm & we changed the timing to 1130am 1 day before. On the actual day, we called up to ask if the food could be delivered 30 mins earlier, but were told that the earliest they could make it was 1115am. Luckily, the buffet came at 11am.

But it was time we head back to my house for tea ceremony to my parent & relatives.
*no photos here as hubby's sister did not follow us back so its all with our photographer.

After everything, we had some rest before the MUA is back to do make up for the dinner.

Me & my MUA. I had my make up in the toilet! Hahaha..
What a choice I make! As I realise later on its easier to clean up for she sprayed alot of glitter on me & its everywhere on the toilet floor rather than in my bedroom floor!

That's all for now..
Stay tune! Will upload the whole album when I got all the photos back!
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